20 April 2014

"The Fault in Our Stars" Initial Blog

******Attention Children*****

This blog thread should have been called, "The Fault in Our Blog," because the site would not allow me to post this until today (Sunday).  Therefore, this initial blog is due by the beginning of class on WEDNESDAY.  Have fun :)

- - -  Do you feel like the narrator is projecting a realistic tone considering she is a teenager stricken with a critical illness and is probably terminal?  Explain.

- - -  Is it too early for theme, or has Green planted the seeds for overarching themes in the book?  Explain.

02 April 2014

"The Color of Water" Chapters 19-21 Reaction

- - -  Was Ruth's broken promise to Dee Dee a betrayal?  Explain your response.

- - -  What is the significance of James seeking out the Shilsky store in Chapter 20?

- - -  Does Ruth abandon her mother?  Are her actions in any way justified?  Explain.

27 March 2014

"The Color of Water" Chapters 15 & 16 Reaction

- - -  I thought Ruth/Rachel was a strong, independent, rebellious young woman?  If so, why can't she enter the church for her graduation?  The answer is not as obvious as, 'because her father told her she was forbidden.'

- - -  What is the overall significance of Chapter 16?  Explain.

25 March 2014

"The Color of Water" Chapters 13 and 14 Reaction

- - -  Explain the significance of Ruth's aunts and their attitudes.  What in Ruth's adult life seems to stem from this experience?  Explain.

- - -  Why is Chicken Man important?  Isn't he just a hypocrite?

- - -  Do you agree or disagree with Chicken Man?  Please explain.

19 March 2014

"The Color of Water" Blog 3

- - -  Explain the significant character changes that have occurred in both narratives.

- - -  Is McBride more a product of his domestic upbringing, or is he more a product of the dynamic cultural and social climate in which he was raised?

13 March 2014

"The Color of Water" Chapters 5 & 6 Reaction

- - -  Besides the obvious - that it implies race as a transparent, secondary part of a person's character, abilities and potential - what else is significant about Ruth telling James that God is, "the color of water?"

- - -  Again, besides the obvious - that Ruth's father's physical molestation of her impacted her adult life - what other factors revealed in Chapter 5 may have affected Ruth as an adult?  Please explain.

10 March 2014

"The Color of Water" Chapters 1 & 2 Reaction

- - -  What does McBride's stepfather emphasize about his mother?

- - -  Though this is a work of nonfiction, it does contain the elements of literature including plot - what conflict is driving the early part of the book?

27 February 2014

"The Great Gatsby" Chapter 7 Reaction

- - -  WOW!  What a chapter!  I simply want you to react to the significance of the events in the chapter.  Fitzgerald really builds a gigantic firestorm of events - explain them and why they are important.

24 February 2014

"The Great Gatsby" Chapter 6 Reaction

- - -  Is Tom Buchanon simply suspicious, or does he know more?  Explain your answer.

- - -  What is significant about Gatsby's behavior during the visit by the Sloanes and Tom Buchanon?  How about the behavior of the Sloanes?  Explain both responses.

20 February 2014

"The Great Gatsby" Chapter 4 Reaction

- - -  How much of Gatsby's story that he tells Nick on their way to NYC do you believe?  Explain why Gatsby would tell such a story.

- - -  Why does Gatsby arrange a tea party and have intermediaries facilitate the meeting?

- - -  Explain some of the themes that have emerged.